Web Programming Course

12~16 Year-old (S1+)

Students can learn about the programming languages and designing methods in the web programming course. Followed by observation of the existing websites, students can enrich the detailedness and completeness of their websites. Through Exploration, Design, Application, and Growth, we believe students can have a delightful learning experience while attaining their personal growth.

STEM Elementary Course

We come across numerous websites every day. Their designs seem simple, but the developers have actually completed so with a very careful and lucid mind. The programming world behind different websites is full of all sorts of elements and properties, students need to first observe a wide variety of web pages and analyze the architecture and design of them. Students can have their horizons widened when getting to know what elements and layout are essential components for web development. In line with existing designs and ideas, students can further make their designs more comprehensive in the future.

STEM course - Web Programming

Students will be equipped with the Web design skills throughout the Web Programming courses. Since the finished product will be an accessible website which can be put into actual use, there are certain requirements of students’ work in terms of integrity and sophistication. When designing web pages, students need to take into account the users’ friendliness from the perspective of a third person, and fully consider the flow when the public accessing the sites so as to avoid any vulnerabilities. So the website that students design must assemble the elements of aesthetics, practicability and convenience.

Students will practise the programming concepts and methods in the class, and apply so when developing their own websites such as informative or practical web pages. Students can share their work with teachers and other classmates and try out each other’s works as well. Through peer evaluation, students are able to get to know more about their strengths and weaknesses, so as to improve their work in the future.


Web development is a long journey. In the lessons of Web Programming, students will first learn about the basics of designing and developing websites. However, learning does not end here, we encourage students to observe different types of web pages, understand the underlying programming principles and gain inspiration from other websites to improve their ability. Through this course, we hope to arouse students’ interest in web programming. With a sense of curiosity, students will continue to explore web development skills and other advanced programming knowledge in the future.

Course Content

Students will be introduced with an initial understanding of real-world application technologies through learning Web Programming. Beginning with the web architecture and layout, students will further master the web designing skills and then learn to develop web pages of high practicality. When students have a preliminary knowledge of web programming, the requirements towards the quality of their work will be higher in terms of the overall functionality and detailedness, so that students can equip themselves as early as possible and catch up with the real programming world. At the end of the course, students will upload their own web pages for other classmates and the public’s use.

Final Project

Before completion of the course, it is time for each student to consolidate what they have learnt, enhanced with their creativity, and produce a unique project of their own. During the very last lesson, each of them will become a public speaker, presenting and demonstrating their own mBot adventure in front of the tutor and their classmates.

What will you get after completing the course?

  • Clipped video of final project presentation
  • Overall learning evaluation report
  • Tutor’s comments and recommendations
  • Course-completion certificate
Flowchart (Eng)

Web Programming Course - Content

Target Students

Students aged 12 to 16 or above with 30 hours or more of programming experience are welcome to explore the wonders of Web Programming together!

Things You Need

Nothing is needed, except an open and creative mind. We will provide all learning material during the course.

Level 1

In the 1st level, students will learn the basic structures and designing mechanism of website development, as well as the elementary knowledge of the practical application of Web Programming. The course mainly emphasizes, particularly on the front-end design. With the knowledge of the basic architecture of the web page, students can gradually develop their understandings towards various components, and finally, make their web pages a beautiful and user-friendly one through revision and refinement. At the end of Level 1, students will have their first self-created website.

Level 2

Students have mastered the basic architectures and front-end designs of Web Programming after completing the 1st level of the course. The 2nd level will focus on the programming language of JavaScript. Using the fundamental front-end programming knowledge learned in Level 1, the students will continue learning the back-end programming language to make their websites more complete. Students will also learn about various concepts such as variables, matrices, flow control, event handling, etc., and apply these elements to the websites to make them richer in terms of functions.

Level 3

The 3rd level allows students to combine what they have learnt in level 1 and 2. With the advanced application of JavaScript, it makes web design simpler and also shortens the time for students to develop web pages. In level 3, students will learn how to use the framework of jQuery, along with different tools to support more web functions and enrich so of their creations. After three levels, students will be capable of completing a comprehensive and versatile web page.

Level 4

With the foundation built in previous levels, it’s time to work on something interesting. Students are required to work with Phaser.io to create HTML5 games. Phaser.io is a desktop and mobile HTML5 game framework and it ranked top 5 in recent years. Students will learn how to build the game world, work with player spritesheet and physics in game etc. It is definitely a challenge course, be prepared!

Level 5

How to quickly create a well-designed and responsive website? Bootstrap helps! Bootstrap is a free front-end framework for faster and easier web development. It includes HTML and CSS based design templates for typography, forms, buttons, tables, navigation etc. Students will learn how to work with Bootstrap to build responsive websites.

Web Programming provides an opportunity for students to get to know about skills to write web pages and allows them gradually connecting with the application in reality. After fulfilling the requirement of the 5-level course, we will further arrange advanced courses which best suit the students.

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