Project Challenge

The founder of RoboCode Academy, Dr. Jackei Wong, sent challenge invitations to 10 RoboCode students, hoping that each invited student can use the knowledge learned in RoboCode to create a project of their own design for this challenge. In the short video, students will briefly introduce their own work, and Dr. Jackei will share his feedback. In addition, each student will share their thoughts as well.

#1 Hayden Ng
Tool: Jimu Robotics

#2 Caleb Chan
Tool: Scratch

#3 Natalie Wu
Tool: AppInventor

#4 Jayden Chu
Tool: Scratch

#5 Adrian Huen
Tool: Minecraft Modding

#6 Angel So
Tool: Neuron

#7 Jasmine Au
Tool: Scratch

#8 Adrian Tam
Tool: ScratchJr

#9 Aaron Mok
Tool: mBot Robotics

#10 Audrey Lai
Tool: Web Programming