Jimu Robotics Course

6~8 Year-old (K3~P2)

Jimu Robotics is a combination of programming and assembling that allows students to comprehensively improve in many ways. Through Observation, Thinking, Designing and Growth, they do not only learn coding in a happy and relaxing way, but, even more importantly, also achieve all-rounded self-development.

Observation is the core of Jimu Robotics. A perfectly finished product cannot be completed if we ignore the step of observation. Students need to develop a careful outsight for objects in daily life. They should pay attention to the characteristics of them and how they operate. For example, the way the claw machine opening and closing, the mechanism the parking gate lifting, etc. Finally, students will summarize the collected data and design their own works.


Jimu Robotics emphasizes the student’s thinking and analyzing skills. Although it is only to assemble the same object, there are thousands of variations of the details. During the assembly process, students are encouraged to ask themselves the following questions, “Why are they assembled in this way?”, “What are the pros and cons of this approach?”, “How many components are needed?” or “What will be the effect after assembling…?”. They can further the methods of improving and refining their work. Through a series of questions, students are inspired to analyze and think carefully about the importance of planning.

Students will have the opportunity in the Jimu Robotics course to DIY. Each piece is assembled by RoboCoders themselves with small components and programmed with a tablet to make their work a lively one. Combined with daily observation and careful thinking, students will be able to complete their unique works. We encourage students to design their own projects and to converse their ideas into tangible objects by implementing their plans.


After students finishing their works, they have the opportunity to share with other classmates, exchange their designing ideas and introduce the accessories used in the works. In addition, we encourage students to compare their works with each other’s. By observing the projects of others and self-evaluation, students can learn to appreciate and point out the advantages and inadequacies of each work, so as to facilitate the improvement and refinement in the future and make their finished products more integrated.

Course Content

Students will learn to be an “engineer” in Jimu Robotics course. By having a keen observation towards objects of daily life, including animals and machines, students pay close attention to the characteristics, shape and operation principles of each object. With a general understanding, students will start assembling various small components to rebuild particular objects using different building blocks. During the process, students will learn to design sketches and understand the importance of planning. In addition, students will be taught of the use of a motor, and the criteria for choosing the right components for their works. The course allows students to design and assemble their own robots so as to improve their logical thinking about mechanics and engineering.

Final Project

Before completion of the course, it is time for each student to consolidate what they have learnt, enhanced with their creativity, and produce a unique project of their own. During the very last lesson, each of them will become a public speaker, presenting and demonstrating their own mBot adventure in front of the tutor and their classmates.

What will you get after completing the course?

  • Clipped video of final project presentation
  • Overall learning evaluation report
  • Tutor’s comments and recommendations
  • Course-completion certificate

Jimu Course - Content

Target Students

Young coders aged between 6 to 8, who even do not have previous experience of coding, are welcomed join us on this magical coding journey with Jimu Robotics.

Things You Need

Nothing is needed, except an open and creative mind. We will provide all learning material during the course.

Level 1

The 1st level is an introductory class of Jimu Robotics, in which students can understand the operation of the programming platform and get to know about the basic building blocks. In Level 1, students will start with the simplest objects and become familiar with the assembly method of components and the operation of the platform. At the beginning of the semester, teachers will provide guidance and indicate the direction of creation. At the end of the semester, students need to come up with their own unique ideas and designs.

Level 2

After completing Level 1, students have mastered the basic operation of Jimu Robotics. In Level 2, students will be enabled to further familiarize themselves with the components and platform. Through different practice and designs, students can develop more proficient skills and broaden their creative thinking to produce more advanced works. The finished product of the 2nd level will make use of more motors and accessories. Students will combine what they have learnt in Level 1 to complete more complex works, such as mechanical arms.

Level 3

Level 3 will be combined with level 1 and 2 for advanced applications, and students’ finished products will involve more dynamic changes. In addition to assembling components, students need to utilize programming to manipulate objects. The programming platform will be based on a blocky programming language and complete the program by dragging relevant building blocks. Level 3 enables students to master the basic programming concepts and understand the real-world programming language through the visualized programming blocks. It is helpful for their future coding learning.

Level 4

In level 4, apart from assembling different components, a series of sensors, such as distance sensors and motion sensors, will be added to enable the finished product to be capable of functioning extensively. A series of challenges will be delivered in order to provide students with the opportunity of building objects with different elements. Students can then be equipped with excellent assembling skills so as to further develop their programs. The 4th level is a summary of the whole course. It is hoped that students can gather the elements learned in each level, converse them into their own final projects and refine them into advanced works.

Jimu provides a platform that offers all children a glimpse of how coding works, which builds a strong foundation for learning to code in the future. After they complete the 4 levels of the course, we will give personalized recommendation and arrangement regarding their next step for more advanced courses.

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