Children are all born with infinite potential and creativity. They have open minds with unlimited capacity to learn and achieve. They are the future creators to build a better world. The ultimate goal of education is to enable and inspire one’s inborn talent and virtuousness blossoms in life.

In the era of information explosion, people are easily exposed to all kinds of knowledge everywhere. In order to optimize the use of information, coaching one’s problem solving and critical thinking skills are keys to learn and work effectively. Nevertheless, being innovative in all terms is also indispensible to be successful in the fast moving world.

STEM is an acronym that refers to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. STEM integrates these four disciplines into a cohesive learning paradigm based on real-world applications. Learning STEM can foster skills and growth mindsets among young people so that they gain a greater perspective on the world.

RoboCode STEM Coding Education


To be the leading incubator of future creative leaders


To unleash our next generation’s potential and empower them with the essential skills for upcoming challenges

Our Story

RoboCode STEM Coding Education

RoboCode Academy was founded by a passionate scientist, engineer & educator Dr. Jackei Wong who dedicates to equipping our next generations with the crucial 21st century skills, through developing the computational mindset and digital literacy. With adaptive curriculums and state-of-the-art software, our courses are designed to foster creativity, develop potentials and boost self-confidence, which empowers and inspires our future leaders to actively contribute to the society positively.

Start-up has been a very popular topic in town in the past few years. Being adjudicator of various start-up competitions, Jackei finds that the knowledge of STEM is highly essential across all industries in articulating the all-rounded nature of entrepreneurs. And with all his experiences teaching in the University, he observes that learning of those skills should better be started early.

In 2017, Jackei decided to devote himself for the good sake of the next generation by offering coding courses for children aged 4 or above. Indeed, it is not the technical coding skills that matters, it is the logical thinking, experimenter’s mindset, and an innate desire to be a creator (not just a consumer) that render the kids advantageous over their counterparts in their future challenges.

Message from Founder

"I truly believe the power with coding. It is not merely about computer science, it is about humanity; about improving the society, improving human lives with the creative ideas you have in your head. It’s more the process of solving problems.

In the 21st century, it is no longer internet itself; it is internet of things (IOT). Computer is everywhere now. We all depend on technologies, to communicate, to map out routes, to shop, to play, to learn, to assist surgeries, to replace repetitive logistics, almost everything.

Global leaders across the world all see the power of coding and encourage everyone to learn it. Let’s inspire our young generations to lead and create with RoboCode Academy!"

RoboCode Academy Dr. Jackei Wong

About Dr. Jackei Wong

Co-founder & Curriculum Development Director

Patent Inventor (Artificial Intelligence & Ontolgy)

  • Artificial Intelligence and Methods for Relating Herbal Ingredients with Illnesses in Traditional Chinese Medicine (PCT/IB2011/002500)
  • Ontological Information Retrieval System (PCT/IB2010/002237)

Lecturer & Speaker of Universities & Research Institutes

  • Lecturer of Master and Bachelor Degree Programmes
  • Invited Keynote Speakers of Local and Overseas Universities & Research Institutes (Topics Include Artificial Intelligence and Big Data)

Judge & Trainer of Technology & Startup Competitions

  • Technical and Presentation Skills Trainer
  • Hackathon Judges