RoboCode Academy

RoboCode Academy provides STEM education courses to kids aged 4 to 16 years old, including well-designed coding and robotics programs.
We offer regular courses on a weekly basis, holiday camps and various STEM workshops.

“Starting from scratch, developed his interest, actively practice at home, such self-motivation developed and fun are what I expected.”
Parent of Hysan (Aged 7), RoboCode Builder

Why RoboCode Academy?

Well-designed Proprietary Curriculum

We developed a detailed lesson plan for each course in RoboCode Academy to maximize the learning potential of our students.

Requirements from Real World

Our programs bring real world challenges to our students. They will be equipped with skills needed by our society.

Concrete Outcome

Students will complete a final project before the end of each semester. Parents will be able to recognize their progress achieved.

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