Trial Classes

Our STEM course trial classes shall offer your child to get a taste of how FUN it is to learn coding with our robots and other STEM education tools. Give it a try and your child will fall for it!

1-hour STEM education trial class is FREE! Please make reservation in advance!

Act now and start sharing the fun and laughter of learning to code!

STEM Education Trial Classes
STEM Course - ScratchJr

ScratchJr (Age: 4-5)

Explore the Basics of Coding (with Basic Animation and Games)

STEM Course - Dash Robot

Dash Robot (Age: 5-6)

Instruct Robot with Coding

Scratch (Age: 7+)

Create Animation and Games, Unleash Creativity

STEM Course - Scratch

mBot Robotics (Age: 8+)

Program with Robots and Sensors (Scratch-based)

STEM course - mbot
STEM course - App Inventor

App Inventor (Age: 9+)

Build Android Mobile Apps with Block-based Programming Tool

STEM course - Web Programming

Web Programming (Age: 9+)

Create Your Own Website

JAVA Programming (Age: 12+)

Develop Real World Applications with Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)

STEM course - Java

Python Programming (Age: 12+)

Learn One of the Most Popular Languages Today, Used for a Wide Range of Fields, from Web Programming, to Data Science and Robotics

STEM course - Python