Dash Course

With specific iPad apps, students tackle a series of challenges and in-app puzzles that introduce the fundamental concepts of coding. The Wonder app uses state machine programming and an original visual design to advance young students’ understanding of computer science. The Blockly app uses the most kid-friendly block-based coding on the market to introduce students to programming.

Suitable For

Age 5-8 (no coding experience required)

What to Bring

An open and creative mindset (we will provide all relevant teaching tools)

What to Learn

Students will be equipped with elementary computational thinking and coding concept via working on various tasks with Dash Robot. Topics in Mathematics such as addition, turning degree etc. will also be covered in the lesson.

Semester Project

Each student will participate in our Dash Robot Challenge as a term-end project. They will also deliver a presentation to elaborate the program flow with a live demonstration.

Featured Project & Presentation by Penny (Aged 6)

Project: Penny planned her own route for Dash to move Space Junk to the Collection Zone.


Level I

Sat: 12:00nn – 01:30pm
Sat: 01:30pm – 03:00pm
Sun: 11:30am – 01:00pm
Sun: 04:00pm – 05:30pm

Level II

Sat: 05:00pm – 06:30pm

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