RoboCode Developer (Age 12+)

Leaders don’t create follower, they develop more leaders!

Strengthen computational and scientific thinking and reasoning by challenging coding assignments, which builds a tangible foundation of STEM education.

Course Structure

  • Term: 12 classes per term
  • Class Duration: 1.5 hours for each weekly class
  • Teacher-student Ratio: 1:4
  • Individual feedback from Instructor
  • End of term semester report

Coding as a lifelong skill

Coding is proven to be much more than a technical skill; it is the new and essential literacy in the 21st century to interact and express oneself in the digital worlds. The type of thinking required or developed through coding practices includes organization, problem solving, designing, storytelling, mathematical and critical reasoning, and more. While RoboCode leads an interesting and fun way to learn coding, students are acquiring crucial skills of their lives.

Best Preparation for the Future

With the mindset developed, toolset experienced and skill-set acquired through learning to code, RoboCode Developers shall have their computational thinking skills strengthen and organizational skills and creativity fostered. This builds a strong foundation for their future STEM education and empowers them to be an independent, confident and resourceful problem-solver.

Changing the World

We believe that leadership is an opportunity to serve. When our RoboCode Developers have been equipped with the technical knowledge of coding, our tutors aim at inspiring them in identifying real-world issues in the community and daily lives which can be addressed and improved by creating targeted mobile apps, websites or applications. Our young Developers are required to present their end-products in front of the class and welcome feedback from users for continuous refinement of their work. This is the essence of leadership.

“I like RoboCode Academy! I learned a lot about programming in RoboCode Academy. Coding is very funny!”
Rui (Aged 12), RoboCode Developer

Stage 1 - Minecraft Modding

“Modding is just another word for modify”. Have you ever played Monopoly and changed the rules a little, to speed up the game? Then you already have experience in modding! Minecraft is not the first video game to be “moddable”, but, until recently, modding was only truly accessible to professional computer programmers who have the skills to write complex code.

Stage 2 - AppInventor

MIT AppInventor is an intuitive, visual programming environment that allows everyone – even children – to build fully functional apps for smartphones and tablets. The blocks-based tool facilitates the creation of complex, high-impact apps in significantly less time than traditional programming environments.


Advanced Course - Web Programming

(HTML / CSS / Javascript)

Students will learn to program various objects or elements on a page using HTML, beautify them with different elements or objects using CSS, and use Javascript to create web applications or interactive effects with various functions.

STEM course - Web Programming

Advanced Course - Python

Students will start by learning the basic syntax and simple applications, then they will try developing games in Python. And finally, RoboCoders can achieve an even advanced application by building a data analysis system which can be used to link knowledge to real life using different tools in the library through having Python as the platform.


Advanced Course - Roblox

The whole Roblox course takes students through all the functions of the gaming system, understanding the programming language Lua, and encouraging them to design every single detail of the game. At each level, students will individually complete a unique game, conversing their knowledge into a practical game.

Special: 3D Printing

A basic introduction to 3D modeling and printing. You can create your own 3D object with your imagination, and will bring your self-designed 3D printed object home.