Why Coding?

Echoing our vision and mission, we are not merely teaching children the hard skills of coding, we are here to develop future creators with all-round soft-skills. RoboCode’s curriculums are all carefully designed with structured approaches to fit every child in unleashing their potential, nurturing their creativity, encouraging their critical thinking, problem solving skills, and bolstering their self-confidence which are all essential for their future education and career development.

There has been increasing noises about children learning to code recently. The new generation is growing up in a world that technologies are embedded in their daily lives. Not to mention mobile phones & computers have been part of the necessities, even toys, books, money are digital nowadays. It is with utmost importance for them to understand the logic behind – that is learning to code.

Coding is a fundamental life skill

  • It is proven to be useful across industries, because it strengthens computational thinking skills, which literally involves problem solving, organization, designing, storytelling, and most essentially, creativity – they name it the “21st Century Skills”.
  • It is best learned early, for children to absorb the concepts of sequencing, loops and conditionals, etc.

Coding is a basic literacy

  • Learning hard facts is becoming less important since it is just a second away in any online searching engine. It is how you leverage the knowledge that differentiates one from another upon this huge digital shift.
  • The demand for the skills of coding in this tech-savvy world is not going to shrink anytime soon.

Coding can change the world

  • Centuries ago, people who knew how to write were able to spread ideas and create changes. Today, in parallel, it is crucial to know how to code in order to bring ideas to life.

Here in Robocode, we are providing a fun and promising platform where children not only learn to code, but more importantly to be creative using them. This transforms them from passive technology consumers into innovative creators.

As a result, when they are able to express their own ideas by creating amazing coding projects, and show them off to family and friends, this boosts confidence!

“Don’t just consume things, create things. Take an hour to learn more about the technology that touches every part of our lives. That’s how you can prepare yourself with the skills you need for your future”
– Barack Obama, Former President of the United States