RoboCode Creator (Age 9-11)

Be a leader, instead of a follower; Be a creator, not just a consumer!

Stimulate ideas and encourage turning them into reality by constructing apps and programming robots. This fosters creativity and develops strong problem solving skills.

Course Structure

  • Term: 12 classes per term
  • Class Duration: 1.5 hours for each weekly class
  • Teacher-student Ratio: 1:4
  • Individual feedback from Instructor
  • End of term semester report

State-of-the-Art Technologies

RoboCode Creator Program utilizes a versatile collection of tools and software that are internationally accredited by industry professionals. This program gradually transits our RoboCode Creators from drag-and-drop block-based coding platform to the professional coding literacy, and challenges the flexibility and adaptability through applying programming skills in different tools.

Design Thinking

To solve complex problems and find desirable solutions for the needs of people, design thinking draws upon logical reasoning, imagination and intuition, to explore technical possibilities that benefit the end users. Through assigned projects, our RoboCode Creators are guided along the process of design thinking that discover the real needs of a task, brainstorm ideas, deliver the solution and evaluate the outcomes.

Explore Unlimited Possibilities

Believing creativity is central to the design process, we emphasize imagination, creativity and critical thinking through the coding journey of RoboCode Creators. This cultivates curious minds and unleashes their potentials by encouraging new ideas to solve problems. Students will also experience the amazing power and possibilities of coding.

“I like RoboCode Academy! I learned how to develop programs to make mBot do things for me with ultrasonic sensors, line follower etc.”
Marcus (Aged 10), RoboCode Creator

Stage 1 - Scratch

With Scratch, you can program your own interactive stories, games, and animations — and share your creations with others in the online community. Scratch helps young people learn to think creatively, reason systematically, and work collaboratively — essential skills for life in the 21st century.

Stage 2 - mBot

mBot is an all-in-one solution to enjoy the hands-on experience of programming, electronics, and robotics. Working with mBlock inspired by Scratch 2.0, connecting with computers or smart devices via Bluetooth or 2.4G (by different version), this easy-to-assemble mBot provides infinite possibilities for you to learn STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics).

Stage 3 - Minecraft Modding

“Modding is just another word for modify”. Have you ever played Monopoly and changed the rules a little, to speed up the game? Then you already have experience in modding! Minecraft is not the first video game to be “moddable”, but, until recently, modding was only truly accessible to professional computer programmers who have the skills to write complex code.

Stage 4 - AppInventor

MIT AppInventor is an intuitive, visual programming environment that allows everyone – even children – to build fully functional apps for smartphones and tablets. The blocks-based tool facilitates the creation of complex, high-impact apps in significantly less time than traditional programming environments.


Advanced Course - Web Programming


Students will learn to program various objects or elements on a page using HTML, beautify them with different elements or objects using CSS, and use Javascript to create web applications or interactive effects with various functions.

STEM course - Web Programming

Special - 3D Printing

A basic introduction to 3D modeling and printing. You can create your own 3D object with your imagination, and will bring your self-designed 3D printed object home.