3D Printing Course (Arrangement to be Announced)

3D Drawing and Printing is a totally new concept for Robocoders. It is not only about coding but is also an artistic tool to express oneself and enhance personal skills. Student shall be learning practical techniques happily and achieving all-rounded personal growth at the same time through observation, design, integration & self-development.

Observing is the very first step of 3D drawing, and is also the most crucial one. Students all begin as a blank paper, starting everything from scratch. Through careful observation of completed products of 3D printing, one shall be able to appreciate the detailed design they could be and, in fact, have to be. 3D drawing demands an understanding or expectation of the end-product in minute details, therefore also required for all steps of the entire production process. So no matter it is others’ art-piece or one’s own creation, being observant and attentive to details is just indispensable.

3D Printing Photo 2

After having a brief of idea of the product-to-be, it is time to sketch the design draft, which is not as it is like drawing on a paper. Taking “a dice” as an example, the area or size of all the 6 surfaces has to be absolutely identical, or else the product will be twisted. And as it has to be stood on a flat surface, it has to be designed in 3D in the first place; imagine drawing that with a computer. 3D drawing also applies the “adding and cropping” concept; like if one needs to design an empty box, it can be done by cropping a smaller cube from a bigger one.

The skills of 3D drawing have to be acquired by experiences, either through repeated practices or learning from others’ design. Students have to have a very open mind, willing to break through limitations, in order to create new and innovative products. Through designing and making different creations, understanding the techniques used, repeated problem-solving and thinking, there is no easy way to advance one’s experience. 3D printing is not only about learning to draw, it requires our students to accumulate and integrate skills from countless experiences, in order to create more and more amazing works.

3D Printing Photo C
3D Printing Photo A

3D printing brings our students to advance on a personal level, from merely dealing with computer codes to an artistic world by trying to draw with the computer. This is just like unlocking another door in the technology world that connects even closer to nowadays society. Nevertheless, our 3D printing course trains student to be attentive to details while observing things; this is not only beneficial to one’s drawing ability but more importantly to all aspects in their personal lives.

Course Content

3D Printing course mainly offers the chance for Robocoders to have an idea of what computer drawing is, as well as the principle of 3D printing technology. It is also a training for them to design an object in minute details, delivering and actualizing what they have in mind by producing it in real. Finally, we shall give the class a theme, probably related to their daily lives, for their final project, and encourage them to design and produce it by themselves.

Final Project

Students can print out 1 of their designed products for every course. Therefore, before completion of the course, it is time for each student to consolidate what they have learnt, enhanced with their creativity, and design a unique “art-piece” of their own. During the very last lesson, each of them will become a public speaker, presenting and explaining their art-works in front of the tutor and their classmates.

What will you get after completing the course?

  • Clipped video of final project presentation
  • Overall learning evaluation report
  • Tutor’s comments and recommendations
  • Course-completion certificate

3D Printing Course - Content

Target Students

3D Printing is for youngster aged 9 or above, with or without prior experience in coding. Everybody is welcomed to join us on this magical journey of 3D Printing.

Things You Need

We expect to see each and every student comes to class with an open and creative mind. We will provide all required learning materials during the lessons. They do not need to bring anything along for the course.

Level 1

This level is an introduction of 3D Printing, which allows our students to understand its principles and operating basics. During each lesson, we shall provide some mini objects and ask the students to replicate them by 3D Printing. Through the practices of making those simple items, they shall gradually acquire different skills of 3D drawing and also enhance the sense of 3D spatial concept.

Level 2

Objects to be made at level 2 will be more practical. Students have to design some functional mini tools, such as a mobile-phone stand. They learn to design the entire product themselves including all the details of it, which the end-product may even be made up of several components, in order to further enhance their skills and standards. During this level of the course, we allow the students to take the lead. Instead of instructing them what to do, we prefer to stimulate their thinking, encourage them to share their ideas, and ask them to pay attention to details while drawing out the draft diagram.

3D Printing brings a totally new experience for Robocoders, widening their perspective, and achieving personal growth via an artistic expression. After they complete the 2 levels of the course, we will give personalized recommendation and arrangement regarding their next step for more advanced courses.