Elementary Course - Cubetto

4~4.5 Year-old (K2)

Cubetto is a lovable wooden robot, whom shall bring the youngest group of kids to their very first wonderful journey of coding, fostering their interest in exploring the world of unlimited possibilities. Through exploration, experiment, application and development, our little ones shall achieve all-rounded personal development while having fun learning the basics of computer programming.

STEM Elementary Course

Our course with Cubetto is a fun and easy route to understand the logical world as computational thinking is in fact the conscious pattern of steps that we use in our everyday’s life, as simple and routine as washing your face, brushing your teeth, having breakfast in a nearby restaurant and more.  Cubetto shall let our children know the importance of logical sequencing for daily lives, and also as the fundamental concept of coding. This importance training of logical thinking and computational sequencing paves the way to more advance coding courses ahead.

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“Dare to try” is the key of learning with Cubetto. Logical sequencing is not a theory that stays in a book. Once the children know how Cubetto works with the control board and coding blocks, they have to make hands-on play in order to gradually understand the logics. “Wow! Cubetto is moving!” They were very excited. Not only because they saw it moved for its first time; more amazingly, it was the visible & tangible result of their own first attempt of coding. At all times in classes, we do not recommend giving direct answers to problems. We encourage them to give it a try themselves. While trial and error is the best way of learning, “there is always more than one route to a destination”. The experience with Cubetto gives our little coders the confidence to try, and keep trying, without the fear of failure. Because they know, as what Michael Jordan once said, “I’ve failed over and over and that is why I succeed.”

STEM Elementary Course
STEM Elementary Course

It is not the ultimate goal to have our students learnt how to program a correct pathway for Cubetto on the map, but to inspire them to apply what they learnt during class to everyday lives. We encourage our students to imagine possibilities beyond the defined map, and bring the lovely Cubetto to different places. You will always be surprised by their little ideas: “Today, I shall bring the witch to the forest for the poisoned apple, and then bring it to Snow White in the White Mountain!” “I want to go to Disneyland with Cubetto, and have a ride on the cable car at Ngong Ping 360, then to Tsim Sha Tsui for a buffet!” These were only some of the amazing outcomes we could see every day in RoboCode Academy: The children learnt to express their own ideas, come up with sequenced steps to achieve them, and consolidate their experiences with those out of the classrooms.

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During our Cubetto Elementary Coding courses, from putting the correct coding blocks on the control board in order to see Cubetto moves to making Cubetto walks through a long adventurous trip, children will feel accomplished. Together with the recognition and compliments from their parents and tutors, this is how they build up their self-confidence and boost their self-esteem. This is also one of best active way to nurture their social and communication skills. While some will be encouraged to voice out their thoughts, some will learn to listen to others ideas with respect. “Two heads are better than one”. The group of children has to communicate, discuss, cooperate and negotiate among each other in order to solve various given challenges.

STEM Elementary Course

Course Content

Cubetto is a Montessori-approved coding toy inspired by the little turtle of MIT’s LOGO programming language from the last century. It allows the youngest children who do not even know how to read and write to explore the world of computer programming in a tangible, fun and age-appropriate context, in order to ignite their interest in coding, which is deemed to be the basic literacy in the future. Some fundamental concepts of coding will be introduced during the course, including sequencing, directions, path planning, third-person perspective, etc, with the aim of fostering their logical mindsets and multi-dimensional thinking.

Final Project

Before completion of the course, it is time for each student to consolidate the knowledge and techniques they have learnt by designing a unique journey for Cubetto. The children will have to write the storyline, plan the route, programming the blocks, all by themselves. They are encouraged to express their own thoughts and ideas. So during the very last lesson, each of them will become a public speaker, presenting and demonstrating their own creations and interesting adventures in front of the tutor and the other course-mates.

What will you get after completing the course?

  • Clipped video of final project presentation
  • Overall learning evaluation report
  • Tutor’s comments and recommendations
  • Course-completion certificate
STEM Elementary Course

Elementary Course - Content

Target Students

Cubetto is for children aged 4 to 4.5. Prior coding experience is not necessary, and in fact they are highly recommended to join us all with the magical coding journey as early as possible.

Things You Need

Nothing is needed, except an open and creative mind. We will provide all learning material during the course.

Level 1

The course will start by introducing the 3 basic elements of logical sequencing: instructions, sequences & directions. After the students are familiarized with the simple directions like forward, backward, left & right, we shall gradually guide the class to design and plan routes from a third-hand perspective, supplemented with a brief touch on the concept of NSEW directions. At the end of this level, the students will learn how to use the “function blocks” to give instructions, thereby to train up their logical-thinking mindset.

Level 2

After the student is able to master the basic functionality of the basic blocks and comprehend the third-hand perspective, lessons of level 2 will focus on more advanced application of the blocks. At the same time, tutors will introduce the concept of coordinate system, so to give an idea of some fundamental mathematics. Towards the end, the class will be provided with some other new “logic blocks”, in order to further stimulate their ability to think, thus training up their problem-solving mentalities.

In fact, it is Cubetto who leads every child to the magical world of coding, exploring their boundless imagination. After they complete the 2 levels of the course, we will give personalized recommendation and arrangement regarding their next step for more advanced courses.

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