Student Projects

RoboCode is now looking for the great works from all of you! You are welcomed to share your masterpiece with us, if you think your work is full of creative ideas, involving fantastic programming skills or including beautiful illustrations, or even if you want to invite other students to challenge your game!

Objective: The aim is to encourage students to take advantage of their time after class as knowledge needs to be digested before it can be absorbed. Therefore, in addition to completing the projects taught in class, we hope that students can make use of what they have learned in RoboCode and apply so when developing their own new projects after digestion, so as to consolidate what they have learned and thoroughly understand then flexibly utilize it. Moreover, we hope to provide students an opportunity to showcase their strength and creativity to a greater extent. This platform also allows us to identify outstanding students. Selected projects will be shared with all RoboCode students and their parents through various channels.


  • Students from RoboCode Academy of all ages are welcomed
  • All sorts of themes of submission are welcomed
  • Submissions will be posted up in all the RoboCode centers and on our Facebook page

Submission Details:

  • Introduction to the theme – Students are advised to briefly introduce their work, such as the storyline, theme of the game, main sprites, etc.
  • Content of the work – Students are recommended to explain the programming skills used, story and the gaming instruction in detail.
  • Personal feelings – Students are welcomed to share their feelings during the completion of work, such as the difficulties encountered, and insights gained in the process.

Please attach the followings along with the submission:

  • Name
  • Age
  • The most recent course enrolled in RoboCode

Submission Method:

  • Submissions must be sent via Whatsapp or email
  • Students are welcomed to submit your work in any way, provided that you clearly present the flow of the project. Students can send web links, screenshots, photos of the model, videos, presentations, etc.

Details of the Exhibition: To praise the outstanding students, selected submissions will be shared with RoboCode students and their parents on RoboCode’s Facebook page & website, through email and to be posted up in all RoboCode centres.


Student: Helia Chan (Age: 15)
Project: A Snake Game (developed using Python)

Description: Snake is a video game which the player controls a line which grows in length and moves in a controlled direction, usually by using the arrow keys. The programming language used to create this particular project is Python, with additional programming libraries such as pygame, time and random.

Rules of my Python Snake game: The player controls the snake’s direction by pressing the arrow keys. The snake will automatically move forward.
To win the game, thee player must gain 10 points by controlling the head of the snake. The player will lose if the snake head hits the walls or its body.

During the development stages, I encountered some issues with the code, with one example being pygame.draw(). It was not functioning until I added an update for the loop. There was no optimal wait function in python according to my knowledge, so I used Clock.tick and FPS to set how fast I want my loop to run. These solutions were found by doing research online, and I believe it can be a very effective way of learning.


Student: Ryan Chen (Age: 13)
Project: Adventures of a Cube: Hunt for The Egg (developed using Scratch)

Game Description: “Adventures of a Cube: Hunt for The Egg” is a platform-style video game in which the player controls a cube-like character to traverse in-game. The platform used to create this project is Scratch, with additional character sprites illustrated on other applications.

How to play the game: The controls are simple: arrow keys to move and jump, and F key to attack. In order to win, you’ll have to fight ’till the end and defeat the boss-Rekran.

I have used a lot of time and effort into making this game what it is now, encountering error after error. But with help from others and the Internet, it has been finished. This game was not only fun to make, but also a great learning opportunity. I hope you enjoy this game!



Student: Lucas Ma (Age: 13)
Project: A Reaction Game (developed using AppInventor)

Description: This is a game to test your reaction speed. Players have to click 1 to 9, 10 to 90 and I to X (roman numerals) in numeric order to finish the game. A timer will count how long it has taken for the player to do this action and the app will automatically store your highscore in your device.

The goal is to make all these images disappear as quickly as you can. If you click the wrong number, the image will not disappear but instead when you click the right number, the image will disappear. This continues until all the images are gone and the game is finished.

This game was at first hard to make. I had encountered many problems, such as how to make the images go to their corresponding places, how to randomize the images, what to execute when an image is clicked, etc.