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Registration - Trial Class at Tsuen Wan Centre

Jun 2 (Sun)
Age 3.5-7:
Cubetto Jun2 11:15-12:15pmCubetto Jun2 12:30-1:30pmCubetto Jun2 2-3pmScratchJr Jun2 10-11amScratchJr Jun2 12:30-1:30pmScratchJr Jun2 3:15-4:15pmNeuron Jun2 10-11amNeuron Jun2 2-3pmNeuron Jun2 4:30-5:30pmDash Jun2 11:15-12:15pmDash Jun2 3:15-4:15pmDash Jun2 4:30-5:30pm
Age 7+:
Scratch Jun2 10-11amScratch Jun2 2-3pmScratch Jun2 4:30-5:30pmmBot Jun2 10-11ammBot Jun2 12:30-1:30pmmBot Jun2 4:30-5:30pmMinecraft Jun2 11:15-12:15pmMinecraft Jun2 3:15-4:15pm3D Printing Jun2 12:30-1:30pmAppInventor Jun2 11:15-12:15pmAppInventor Jun2 2-3pmRoblox Jun2 3:15-4:15pm
Jun 8 (Sat)
Age 3.5-7:
Cubetto Jun8 11:15-12:15pmCubetto Jun8 12:30-1:30pmCubetto Jun8 2-3pmScratchJr Jun8 10-11amScratchJr Jun8 12:30-1:30pmScratchJr Jun8 3:15-4:15pmNeuron Jun8 10-11amNeuron Jun8 2-3pmNeuron Jun8 4:30-5:30pmDash Jun8 11:15-12:15pmDash Jun8 3:15-4:15pmDash Jun8 4:30-5:30pm
Age 7+:
Scratch Jun8 10-11amScratch Jun8 2-3pmScratch Jun8 4:30-5:30pmmBot Jun8 10-11ammBot Jun8 12:30-1:30pmmBot Jun8 4:30-5:30pmMinecraft Jun8 11:15-12:15pmMinecraft Jun8 3:15-4:15pm3D Printing Jun8 12:30-1:30pmAppInventor Jun8 11:15-12:15pmAppInventor Jun8 2-3pmRoblox Jun8 3:15-4:15pm
Jun 16 (Sun)
Age 3.5-7:
Cubetto Jun16 11:15-12:15pmCubetto Jun16 12:30-1:30pmCubetto Jun16 2-3pmScratchJr Jun16 10-11amScratchJr Jun16 12:30-1:30pmScratchJr Jun16 3:15-4:15pmNeuron Jun16 10-11amNeuron Jun16 2-3pmNeuron Jun16 4:30-5:30pmDash Jun16 11:15-12:15pmDash Jun16 3:15-4:15pmDash Jun16 4:30-5:30pm
Age 7+:
Scratch Jun16 10-11amScratch Jun16 2-3pmScratch Jun16 4:30-5:30pmmBot Jun16 10-11ammBot Jun16 12:30-1:30pmmBot Jun16 4:30-5:30pmMinecraft Jun16 11:15-12:15pmMinecraft Jun16 3:15-4:15pm3D Printing Jun16 12:30-1:30pmAppInventor Jun16 11:15-12:15pmAppInventor Jun16 2-3pmRoblox Jun16 3:15-4:15pm
Jun 22 (Sat)
Age 3.5-7:
Cubetto Jun22 11:15-12:15pmCubetto Jun22 12:30-1:30pmCubetto Jun22 2-3pmScratchJr Jun22 10-11amScratchJr Jun22 12:30-1:30pmScratchJr Jun22 3:15-4:15pmNeuron Jun22 10-11amNeuron Jun22 2-3pmNeuron Jun22 4:30-5:30pmDash Jun22 11:15-12:15pmDash Jun22 3:15-4:15pmDash Jun22 4:30-5:30pm
Age 7+:
Scratch Jun22 10-11amScratch Jun22 2-3pmScratch Jun22 4:30-5:30pmmBot Jun22 10-11ammBot Jun22 12:30-1:30pmmBot Jun22 4:30-5:30pmMinecraft Jun22 11:15-12:15pmMinecraft Jun22 3:15-4:15pm3D Printing Jun22 12:30-1:30pmAppInventor Jun22 11:15-12:15pmAppInventor Jun22 2-3pmRoblox Jun22 3:15-4:15pm

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Tsuen Wan Centre: Unit 1311, 13/F, Grand City Plaza, 1-17 Sai Lau Kok Road, Tsuen Wan

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